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Blue Dragon was founded in 2003 by Shihan Rob Rooney who began his martial arts training in 1993 at age 13.

In June 2018, we opened our dedicated training studio in Southampton - 'Blue Dragon Dojo'. From here, we teach a variety of martial arts (see our timetable for a full overview) and cater to all ages and abilities. Our lesson sizes are kept small so that our students excel as quickly as possible and benefit from the close attention of the class instructor. 

Lessons are taught in a friendly and open atmosphere and we welcome all levels of ability and fitness. We understand that you're an individual - not just a student and so we will teach you a wealth of skills and techniques so that over time you will be able to develop and adapt your own unique approach. ​Our syllabus is regularly reviewed and constantly evolving to make sure our students are fully prepared for any given situation. 

We can help you to become



                                                                                                  & MORE CONFIDENT.

Your first lesson is free, with no obligation to book more so why not come down and give it a try?

"If you love life, don't waste time for time is what life is made up of."

-Bruce Lee

ADAPt. innovate. prevail.

Blue DragoN


"I've been training at Blue Dragon for about 3 months, I'm a father of 1 with one on the way and in my 30's. After giving up Kendo to help out with the kid's I was talking to a friend about getting back into training and wanting to try something a bit different. I was given a friendly welcome the first time I came in even though my friend was nowhere to be seen. The lessons are as hard as you make/take them, Rob does not push (unless its part of what he teaching). The lessons cover many different forms of martial arts and there is always something different to learn. Since I started I have been going about once a week as this is all the time I have and if I miss a session someone will always have noticed which goes to show how friendly they all are. I have met new people of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities, all of whom have taught me something different."


"Great club, various styles and influences in many diciplines. Has what you want, whether you want to get your fitness up, learn some self defence or build some confidence.
The club has a great atmosphere, is welcoming to new members and has enthusiastic and experienced instructors.
If you're looking for a club in the Southampton area I would highly recommend!"


"Doesn't pretend to be pretty and teaches you good, down to earth self defence. Teachers know what they're talking about and are fun whilst also teaching you the discipline and mindset to succeed in life."


"Trained with these guys on and off for the past six years. Very friendly guys and girls, quick to accept new people. The teaching level is great, and a mix of striking, throws and ground work keeps it varied. They work to whatever your body is like, tall, short, heavy, light, they'll make it work.

Thoroughly recommend getting in touch with them to try it out, you won't regret it."


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